Trellised Modular Pergola


These structures are modular in that the pergola can be expanded by adding more posts, thereby creating a much larger structure.
Each of the styles can exist as just one segment, creating a gateway type entrance: consisting of two posts, two brackets, a main beam and a series of short rafters. A typical pergola however consists of four posts and the respective sizes are listed below.
The size of these pergolas make them extremely well suited for covering decks, patios, hot tubs and terraces, as well as gardens and walkways.
All of the modular pergolas are very easy to install and are shipped via UPS for our standard shipping charge.
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The Trellised Modular Pergola is 8' x 8' on center, post to post. The pergola has very clean and simple lines and incorporates trellised posts to facilitate vine growth.
This structure is particularly well suited for establishing a vine covered colonnade, or walkway, by adding two, four or more posts. The width could also be narrowed to create a smaller span over the walkway.
A number of different configurations are possible with this well built, versatile structure.
$8,399 for 7'5" x 7' on center (post to post)
four posted pergola (as shown)


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