Craftsman Style Pergola with Shade Cloth No. SP9

This structure, a successful collaborative effort with the client, incorporates many facets of a pergola into a unified, functional whole.
The pergola is located on the sunny front of the house overlooking a river valley. It provides a strong visual accent to the barn-like house, while creating shade using a white shade cloth placed over the peaked portion of the structure.
Acrylic panels were placed in the first three bays to protect the entry from rain, while allowing light in.
Cantilevered wings on either side frame the house and help to tie the patio, pergola and house together.
The peak contains a wire chase to accommodate some very attractive lighting chosen by the client.
At the base of the tapered posts the plinths were wrapped in copper to prevent discoloration of the wood and as an attractive accent.
Scale and proportion were carefully considered so as not to overpower the house.