Our trellis design has led to a number of different styles and solutions for outdoor trellis, including many garden privacy screens and various designs appropriate for rose trellis and grape trellis. These garden trellis solutions often entail use of special acrylic sheets for privacy lattice and stainless wire and copper tubing for style and function.
Many other trellises are modular, lending themselves to a variety of different spaces and configurations.

Dear Trellis Structures,
Hello! We purchased the New England trellis about a year ago from you; we recently put the house on the market and took pictures of the deck and the rest of the house. I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you how your trellis transformed the look of our deck and the whole package became picture perfect.
I would like to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful product.
Best Regards,
D. Armadoros

Look closely and compare our designs and workmanship.
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Modular Trellises
Eclectic Trellis Garden Trellis St. John Trellis Palladian Trellis Fan Trellis Pole Trellises Palmate Trellis New England Trellis Modern Trellis Woven Trellis Double Diamond Trellis Craftsman Trellis Ribbon Trellis Four Inch Grid Trellis Accent Five Trellis Accent Four Trellis Accent Three Trellis Accent Two Trellis Accent One Trellis

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