life in harmony with nature

custom design and fabrication nature inspired products landscape design

we  ❤️  nature

The natural world is incredibly important to us at Paesaggio.

It is the source of our inspiration, and what drives us to do what we do

we  ❤️  design

Artistry, Craftsmanship, and Innovation are part of our DNA.

Attention to detail, and the belief that art and design are essential to life underlies everything that we do.

Paesaggio was founded out of this love of nature and art, fueled by years spent exploring forests, fields, old buildings, and the edges of spaces where the natural and human-shaped world met.

We feel that products and spaces built with an awareness of how they fit into the natural environment have the capability to foster healthier and happier world.

We believe in the principles of Biophilic Design, which is based on the innate desire of humans to be connected to nature.

For us, a Pergola can’t be just a structure to provide shade, and a patio should just be a place to stand without getting your shoes muddy. They should also help frame the natural environment and provide contrasts in color, shape, form, and texture that enhance the experience of being outside, and should provide creative details that bring people joy.

We are not only practicioners, we are also students.

Nature is the ultimate teacher, and we are lifetime learners, always pushing to expand our knowledge and explore new ideas or dig deeper into well studied topics.

Whether you are a potential customer, a design enthusiast, or even a competitor, our lines are always open to chat about design topics. Ask anything you want (as long as you’re not trying to sell us a pyramid scheme) or search our blog content and social media feeds for inspiration and ideas.

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