Enhance Your Landscape Projects with Custom Garden Structures

Partner with us to deliver exceptional value and quality to your clients

Enhance Your Landscape Projects with Custom Garden Structures

Partner with us to deliver exceptional value and quality to your clients

Custom Work

Contemporary Rooftop Pergola with Outdoor Kitchen No. RP6

This Boston rooftop presented an opportunity to design a pergola over an outdoor kitchen and sitting area.

Memorial Pergola No. CTP5

This large contemporary structure was created as a memorial at Stonehill College in Massachusetts.

Art Nouveau Style Bridge No. AC1

An opportunity to design a bridge in an Art Nouveau style resulted in this wonderful structure.

Ballustered Fence with Curve No. CF3

This classically styled picket fence accents a beautiful stonewall encompassing a flower garden.

Colonnade Pergola No. CPG4

this structure was designed to accommodate wisteria plants and to withstand the nor’easter winter storms.

Contemporary Pergola No. CPG5

This contemporary pergola creates a wonderful focal point and meeting place in a suburban complex of townhouses.

Lattice Fence, Curved Panel No. CF6

A 15-foot curved section of fencing was created at one end of this enclosure.

Custom Double Gate No. CG6

Gates and extensions are used to accent a view and delineate a path.

Custom Arbor Entryway No. AC2

A large custom entryway serves to accent and define an attractive stairway and garden area.

Custom Trellis Panel No. CT3

The wonderful shingle pattern on the side of this home has been accented by this framed lattice panel.

Trellised Pergola No. ASP2

This contemporary Asian style pergola incorporates latticed posts to facilitate vine growth.

Shade Pergola No. SP7

A request from a client to protect a koi pond from sun resulted in this four-tiered structure.

Wisteria Pergola No. CTP6

A walkway pergola for wisteria vines was created along this beautiful stonewall.

Shade Pergola No. SP4

Asked to create an outdoor pergola that would protect the client from rain and sun; we devised a system to incorporate attractive acrylic inserts.

Contemporary/Transitional Pergola No. CTP3

Two 60’pergolas were designed, fabricated and installed by Trellis Structures to frame a large driveway/courtyard.

Contemporary/Transitional Pergola No. CTP11

This small pergola kit, on an old stone foundation, establishes an “overlook.”

Attached Pergola No. AP9

This pergola, placed in a front alcove to a small home, creates a structural accent to the front door.

Column Pergola No. CPG6

A very large formal style pergola was erected overlooking The Hudson River in Manhattan.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP6

Four levels of beams were incorporated in this pergola to accommodate the large spans.

Shade Pergola No. SP10

A very interesting pergola was created as a focal point and framing device for a stunning location overlooking Nantucket Sound.

Patio Pergola No. AP3

This beautiful custom pergola offers shade and a sense of enclosure for a backyard patio

Cantilevered Pergola No. CTP10

This design was created to provide privacy from the road yet not interfere with the view of the koi pond.

Attached Pergola No. AP4

An attractive solution for a driveway pergola, this garden structure functions as both an open, overhead framework and a carport.

Louvered Pergola with Shade Cloth No. SP5

A unique pergola, this large structure uses a combination of louvered rafters, I beams and 60% UV block shade cloth

Trellis for the Front Entry No. CT1

An asymmetrical trellis accents the front entry to this contemporary home.

Hexagonal Pergola No. ASP4

This pergola, placed in a commercial courtyard, serves to create an accent in a large area of pavers and provides shade in an otherwise very exposed setting.

Patio Pergola No. CTP12

This pergola incorporates an interesting trellis design for its corner posts.

Craftsman Style Fencing No. CF1

We were asked to create fence sections in a Craftsman style to nestle between stone pillars.

Formal Pergola No. CP2

This classically elegant pergola establishes a large, well-shaded area adjacent to a pool.

Driveway Gates, Stained No. CG2

These large driveway gates are 5½-feet tall and span a distance of over 13 feet.

Columned Pergola No. CP3

This large pergola employs 8″ columns and an “S” curved main beam to echo the shape of the patio.

Attached Pergola No. AP7

Three different pergolas were established for this home, all attached to the house.

Large Rooftop Pergola No. CPG8

This commercial project involved a trellis system, fencing and two rooftop pergolas along with several entry overheads.

Louvered Patio Pergola No. CTP2

A contemporary home and a very sunny deck were the design catalysts for this louvered pergola.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP4

This patio pergola, along with a very attractive outdoor kitchen, establishes an open-air room.

Community Garden Pergola No. CPG9

This pergola for a large community garden in Boston was designed as a central meeting and activity space.

Shade Pergola No. SP8

Attached to the house, the pergola obstructed the view of several air conditioning units from above.

Acrylic Inserts Add Privacy No. CF4

This privacy lattice fence was created for a condominium complex in Brooklyn, NY.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. KP4

This large pergola is a perfect accent to a beautifully constructed outdoor kitchen.

Gate with Copper Ballusters No. CG1

An interesting double gate, incorporating a graceful reverse curve, creates a counter point to these stonewalls.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP12

This large and detailed structure was designed to provide significant shade while framing the beautiful fireplace as a focal point.

Privacy Lattice Panels No. CF12

This mahogany privacy lattice, with cedar framing, offers a perfect solution for separating urban backyards

Attached Pergola No. AP8

Attached to a garage, this pergola structure creates an intimate and private outdoor room.

Keystone Arch Pergola No. BP3

This pergola has a traditional keystoned arch connecting the posts and supporting the end rafters.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP5

A need for a versatile space resulted in this beautiful L-shaped pergola with arches and an extended cantilever.

Moon Arch and Fencing No. CG8

A desire for privacy was the catalyst for this unique wall.

Craftsman Style Pergola with Shade Cloth No. SP9

This structure, a successful collaborative effort with the client, incorporates many facets of a pergola into a unified, functional whole.

Louvered Deck Pergola No. SP3

A large deck functioned as a popular gathering area perfect for entertaining

Attached Pergola No. AP5

This patio pergola was designed to extend the inside living area to the outside.

Modern Gate and Fencing No. CG5

Employing our Modern Trellis as the design motif, a court yard enclosure was created.

Large Attached Sukkah

This large structure was designed as a sukkah, a temporary enclosure constructed for use during the weeklong Jewish festival of Sukkot.

Deck Pergola, Lattice Panels No. CF7

A need for privacy resulted in the use of these lattice panels along one side of a deck pergola.

Pergola with Acrylic Panels No. APP1

This peaked top structure was created to protect children from sun, rain and to provide a raised and dry deck for play.

Patio Pergola with Arched Top No. CTP8

This magnificent pergola also establishes a strong focal point and gathering area between a fountain on one end and a fireplace on the other.

Rooftop Pergola No. RP2

A 1950s carport style was the catalyst for this unique pergola.

Asian Style Gate, with Bamboo No. CG3

This gate and fence was designed for a customer who was interested in a distinctly Asian style enclosure

Contemporary Hotel Pergola No. CPG2

A simple, yet elegant design creates a sun-protected area for lounging at the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan.

Contemporary Pergola No. CTP7

This very simple, contemporary pergola incorporates 3/8″ stainless rods and stout 6 x 6 posts and beams.

Pergola with Privacy Lattice No. BP11

This attractive pergola, a long, narrow structure, establishes a focal point for the landscape.

Terrace Pergola No. RP1

A need to establish intimacy on a 39th floor terrace resulted in this small, but elegant patio pergola and privacy screen.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP2

Our Classic Pergola incorporates eight simple, but elegant curved brackets, 6 x 6 posts and caps and two main beams

Shade Pergola No. SP2

This stunning shade pergola frames a beautiful fireplace and incorporates 12″ diameter columns.

Lattice Panel Fencing No. CF8

An interesting variation on treillage as fencing.

Commercial Planters No. CPL1

Large planters were designed specifically for this rooftop garden installation for a Manhattan corporation.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. KP1

An exquisite patio area with an outdoor kitchen is accented with an overhead pergola.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP8

Placed upon a stonewall and atop plinth bases, this detailed pergola was designed to frame a beautiful fireplace.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. KP3

This small and economical structure was designed to visually frame the outdoor kitchen while retaining the open quality of the area.

Contemporary Pergola No. CTP4

This lovely pergola supports two wisteria vines and a lattice screen for privacy adjacent to the pool area.

Trelliswork Accents a Wall No. CT2

A simple grid is used to soften a blank wall and to accent an oval window.

Columned Pergola No. CP4

This garden structure was designed with paired 10″ diameter columns to define a large meditation alcove for a church in Florida.

Traditional Pergola No CP1

These garden structures, often called Tuscan Pergolas, come in a variety of column sizes, styles and materials.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP10

This attractive and sturdy garden structure was created for two wisteria vines positioned under either wing.

Classic Double Gates No. CG4

These substantial double gates are supported by paneled posts and an open lattice fence.

Large Rooftop Pergola and Planters No. RP5

An opportunity to collaborate with a garden designer and an architect resulted in this rooftop respite in Manhattan.

Commercial Pergolas No. CPG3

This project was designed in a Mission style using a heavy trellis to create the four corner assemblies.

Attached Deck Pergola No. AP6

This deck pergola utilizes three 8″ diameter columns and a custom bracket plate for attachment to the house.


We were asked to design a 9′ x 17′ pergola that could be erected in 2½ hours, stand securely for two weeks, taken down and stored and then used the next year

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. KP6

The design of this backyard in New Jersey was a catalyst to create a very dynamic outdoor kitchen pergola.

Deck Pergolas for Shade No. SP6

These two structures, a front porch and back deck pergola add definition and accent the lines of this lakeside cottage

Asian Style Pergola No. ASP1

This Asian style pergola was designed to complement the architecture of the owners’ house as well as fit comfortably within the Japanese style garden.

Pergola for Tennis Viewing No. CPG7

The vintage-style cross railing fastened between large posts on this large pergola helps to establish a traditional viewing area for tennis matches.

Attached Sukkah

The initial catalyst for this project was a desire for a Sukkah for the harvest celebration in the Jewish faith.

Deck Pergola No. AP1

This outdoor room was created on a deck using the pergola, railing and lattice to establish privacy and define a space.

Latticed Pergola No. ASP5

An Asian influence sets the tone for this elegantly simple pergola.

Cantilevered Deck Pergola No. CTP1

A need for shade outside the glass walls of this contemporary home was the catalyst for an interesting cantilevered terrace pergola.

Rooftop Pergola No. RP4

This pair of pergolas provides significant shade coverage and defines two seating areas in a courtyard located over a parking garage in Brooklyn, NY.

Post and Bracket Pergola No. BP1

This pergola structure provides a respite from the sun, while creating an architectural accent on a large expanse of patio by a pool.

Rooftop Pergola No. RP3

An unusual solution was required to help cool the rooftop space of this wonderful penthouse in Manhattan.

Classical Post and Lattice No. CF10

These classically simple, yet substantial post and lattice fence sections are perfectly suited to the stone architecture of this home.

Large Pergola with Shade Cloth No. SP1

This client requested a pergola, stained white, that would provide significant amounts of shade.

Patio Pergola No. AP2

This contemporary house, with a very long glass wall with a southern exposure, utilizes a customized pergola to establish shade.

Large Carport Pergola No. CTP9

An opportunity to design a large “carport pergola” on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island resulted in this impressive structure.

Privacy Trellis Screen No. CF9

This privacy trellis serves to direct movement into the garden while also creating an attractive screen alongside the driveway.

Mahogany Lattice Gates No. CG7

Simple and elegant, yet substantial, these mahogany gates are a perfect counterpoint to the intricate stone pedestals.

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. KP5

Asked to design a structure for an existing outdoor kitchen in a contemporary motif, we created this asymmetrical pergola.

We can build nearly any outdoor structure that you or your client can dream of, and deliver it in kit form with step by step installation instructions to your job site.  We are happy to work with your existing designs, or partner with you on the ideation stage to make sure that your projects stand out above the crowd and the customer is blown away by the quality of the final work.   
Browse examples of some of our custom work below or on our instagram page for inspiration, and submit a request for quote with your requirements when you’re ready to schedule a meeting.

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What customers are saying

” I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that our pergola is finished.
We are very happy with the design, materials, and outcome. Thank you very much! If you need any recommendation for the west coast,you can count on us for positive comments.” 
S. Adrian
“Thanks for the telephone assistance of Friday. What a wonderful product! What quality! What design! What a great scale! I think everyone of my neighbors has been over to see the arbor and asking to see your catalog; I suspect you had some hits on your website over the weekend from my neighborhood. So, thank you!” 
R. McVeety

“I want you to know that the Director and other staff at Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism absolutely love how your trellis transforms their courtyard space. It is just beautiful.

I have specified your gates and trellises for other clients over the years. I have never, however, found myself looking for such a key design element with extremely short lead time. My best hope was that you might have a piece in stock that would work pretty well. It was beyond my wildest imagining to have you work up a piece especially for the Nieman courtyard wall and then have it delivered for installation within four days. And, I might add, to do so with such care and with such a collegial and supportive attitude.
Yours is a rare business these days. The products are beautiful and well made, and the customer service goes beyond anything any other companies provide.” 
L. McGrath Design

“Wow! My compliments to you and Trellis Structures for the design and craftsmanship. Both were exceptional. It is quite a compliment to Judy and me to have the pergola in our yard. The design and instructions for finishing and erecting our pergola were very clear. I did finish the cedar as you had suggested and this spring after a tough Michigan winter it looks great. We’ll probably take your suggestion and let the wood weather naturally.

Thanks for the note and if you have an opportunity, please drop a copy of the latest catalog in the mail for us. We’d like to show it off to our friends and neighbors.” 
H. Murawski

“In my opinion, your product is the best on the market. It is tops both in design and in the materials used. The arbor is a master- piece, and has received raves from everyone who has seen it.

As the person who had the job of putting it up, I’m especially grateful to you for the precision and attention to detail in your work.
The precision was so good that when the three pieces where erected (two sides and the top bonnet) every part of the arbor was plumb, level, and square.
Thanks again for providing the product which we are proud to have at our front door.” 
N. Ratti
Rhode Island

“After a week of house guests and another week of rain I began to apply myself seriously to the task of installing the Oak Park Arbor and the Cambridge Arch. Both pieces are now installed, and they are truly works of art. The honeysuckle also approves and has already started weaving its way to the top of the trellis.

The workmanship of the four pieces is excellent. Barbara was amazed that the bottom of the gate lines up perfectly with the bottom of the extension, and I explained to her that it was because you folks had designed it that way.
The customizing you did was exact, and the extensions fit the space in the fence as if a fine workman had done the work on-site.
We will enjoy using them and seeing them in our garden for many years to come. Thank you very much for giving Barbara and me such wonderful service, and such beautiful products.” 
P. Fleming

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we love the pergola!

This was something I have wanted for quite some time, yet, my husband was a tough sell.
He loves it! Very impressed with the design, quality, and craftsmanship.
Although we might have spent less money on a pre-designed pergola, we both feel that this custom design was worth the extra cost.
We had happy hour under it last night. Somehow, the cheap wine tasted better. Must have been the scent of cedar.” 

“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your attentiveness and professionalism.

It’s refreshing to see a business behave the way yours apparently does. As you are aware, in today’s service economy what we typically get is “lip service”. Not so with Trellis Structures.
I will be sure to pass that word along.” 
J. Lyons

I’m thrilled with the “folly” and can’t wait to have a party. Thank you for your intelligent insight, kindness and most importantly, terrific, first rate craftsmanship.” 

New York

“The amount of time and effort to erect the pergola that you indicated was absolutely correct!!! We finished on Sunday afternoon at 4PM. In this short time, the pergola has become the center point of our summer.

Thanks to you and your group for a great job!”
M. Stevens

“I just want to write to tell you that the three garden trellis structures we purchased recently from your company are installed and look great.

From the initial contact, through ordering, shipment, and delivery, we have been very satisfied with the service and quality of the product we received. I’ve attached a couple photos of the structures once they were installed so you can see how wonderful they look.
Thank you again for all your support and for helping make our landscaping project a huge success.” 
S. Murphy

“I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with my Williamsburg Arbor. All of the items were extremely well packaged for shipping and the arbor sections fit together perfectly.

The instructions were excellent. The quality and construction of the arbor are even better than I expected. I especially appreciate the easy method that you use to secure the arbor in the ground. I’m not a very handy person, but I had no troubles. Thanks.” 
P. Yelton

“Thanks to you we spent the entire week-end directing traffic on our street. We had so many people stop by and admire the new pergola/patio/retaining wall that I felt as though we should either sell tickets or have a discreet dispenser of business cards for the talented folks who contributed to the transformation of our (previously sad and decrepit) side yard.

The pergola is, in a word, stunning. The material, design, construction details — it surpassed my expectations. The installation was great — it is perfectly sited on the patio, and is square to the house and lines up with the path from the sidewalk. With our gratitude, and appreciation to you all for a wonderful product.” 
S. Dickinson and G. Thomas

The installation went very well and everyone is elated with the outcome. I must commend your installers who were cooperative, helpful and professional. The columns are beautiful but the craftsmanship of the woodwork is really the crown on the structure.” 

F. Nadal
Castle Village

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoy the Palladian Trellis we recently purchased from you. We wanted something a little special for the front of the house and this did the trick. Thank you for a quality product and a pleasant sales experience.” 

M. & S. Britt
New York

The pergola looks fantastic! I was able to put up the entire structure myself, thank you for your advice and hints. It took me an afternoon to set the posts and six hours to mount the ledger and assemble the remaining parts. It was a very enjoyable project. I want you to know that working with you and your company was a pleasure. The design process was very easy and the quality of your product is superb.” 

S. Harris

Thank you for the excellent workmanship on my new Williamsburg Arbor and Gate. As a woodworker and amateur furniture maker, I appreciate quality workmanship, and am very glad I chose your company.” 

Dr. J. E. Kelley

The Garden Arbor and extensions look great, really nice job, you’ve been terrific with your follow through and with answering questions and everything.” 

J. Vorhees
New Jersey

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I received the two Palladian Trellises last week. I assembled and installed them this weekend. I couldn’t be more pleased. The quality is excellent and the assembly process was very straightforward. Buying items over the Internet can be a little scary, but in this case it was a very delightful experience.” 

B. Simmeth

“Thanks for your input. Setup was best done as you suggested. I am glad I did NOT cement in one side and did as you suggested. Having all four posts able to move/tweak was just the ticket. It did not take very much time to plumb and square.

Also, I installed the gate wings to the posts to be sure the gate was square and equal between the posts.
A very nice product and I am pleased. The spacers for the bonnet and posts were a very nice help tool as well. Thanks again for your time on the phone and help and input.”
R. Sack,

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