Large Attached Sukkah

This large structure was designed as a sukkah, a temporary enclosure constructed for use during the weeklong Jewish festival of Sukkot.

It is erected every fall for approximately two weeks and then disassembled and stored for the following season. Specially designed hardware and attachments were created to facilitate the 2½ hour installation time. The sukkah was designed to accommodate all of the guidelines for this type of religious structure.
Shade cloth fabric was used to surround three sides of the structure. The fabric can be used vertically in this way, or used horizontally along the top of the structure, and can be ordered with a 60, 80 or 90% UV filter.
For this sukkah, the shade cloth used had a 90% UV filter. While this type of shade cloth appears more opaque from the outside, it is actually quite translucent from the inside and one can see out quite well.
Essentially a "pergola kit", this structure is a perfect example of a temporary outdoor room.
Because of the brackets and attachment to the house, this "temporary room" can easily be a permanent addition to the back of the house.